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How to Convert Your Website Browsers into Buyers



Welcome to the monthly “Duo Coffee Chats”, where I invite a fellow expert to share their knowledge and spread golden nuggets of wisdom with our audience! As our first guest to this series, I’m incredibly happy to welcome Mai-Kee Tsang, Launch Strategist + Conversion Copywriter, but also my real-life bestie! So come and eavesdrop on the conversation we’re having today on how to transform your website browsers into buyers.

From here on out, she’ll be hijacking – with my permission – this video + blog post to dish the deets! Enjoy!



Hey, hey, friend!

Let’s not waste any time, shall we?

In today’s video blog, Gigi and I are talking all about the topic of how to convert your website traffic into paying clients — plus how to avoid the hidden trap that most entrepreneurs fall into when it comes to traffic in the first place.

If you’re more of a reader than a watcher, I’ve popped the key talking points and gems o’ wisdom below the video as a second option.

Buuuut for some of the juicier parts of the interview like:

  • Personal stories
  • Bonus tips
  • Answering 3 featured questions from the One6Creative Community
  • And even when I share the jaw-dropping number of how much I’ve invested in my business in just 3-4 years…

That’ll only be in the video 🙂

But either way, I’ve got you covered for the main topic of website conversions.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…



So you’re a reader, ey? Sweet!

Right, so at this point in your business, this post is going to be the most valuable to you if:


But even if you haven’t gotten there quite yet, this will still apply anyway.

Everything you’re about to learn in this post is going to help you think strategically for your business, in the long run, to turn website browsers into buyers.

But first, let’s go back in time to a moment when you were sitting on your sofa watching TV… and as you watch your favourite show, the “break” comes in at the halfway point.

Said “break” consists of ad after ad about food, fashion, events, etc.

Now, I want you to think back to what your body language was like. Are you normally sitting up straight with your ears perked up to the ad? Or are you playing Candy Crush to pass the time until your show comes back on?

Unless you’re super into what’s being advertised, you’re likely to fall into Camp #2.

Now, let’s switch up the scenario to when you’re browsing online…

When you land on a website, you’re there because you’ve actively searched for a solution to your problem. In other words, your attention is at its peak – the complete opposite to the TV scenario.

And, what happens when you don’t quickly find what you came for? You leave and head back to Google for another option. This is where people start falling into the trap I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post.

If you haven’t made it easy for your browsers to find what they’re looking for, you’re losing potential buyers every time someone comes to your website.

Welcome to the “Trap of Traffic” – sending traffic to your website without a clear strategy for the next steps you want your visitors to take. This is the equivalent to getting into a boat with holes in it – a means to an end if you will.

So alllll of the time, energy, and even money you’ve put towards getting your website up and running could all be for nothing – IF you haven’t thought ahead.

But that’s my job to help prevent.



First, I want to encourage you to shift the balance of your priorities a little.

Did you know that it takes 5x MORE effort to acquire a new client, then to re-sell to already existing clients?

If you’re focusing a lott on lead acquisition activities and you’re not seeing much of a return, the solution isn’t to simply send more traffic to your website. Instead, you need to ask yourself what has already worked for you.

Take a look at your existing client base and ask yourself if your inquiries mainly came from:

  • Your stand alone “Contact” form on your website;
  • A specific intake form you have attached to each of your services;
  • Your email nurture sequence after they opted in for your lead magnet; etc.


Which was it?

Depending on which path your existing clients use the most in order to work with you, this should give you a clue as to how your client’s behaved when they were viewing your website as a browser.

Take that on board, and turn that into your #1 CTA (call to action) across multiple areas of your website. Now we’re starting to think strategically here.



Which brings me to talk about “Page Goals”.

As you can probably tell from the name, every webpage needs to have a specific goal in mind for the next step you want your visitor to take. Is it to redirect them to your blog for a signature piece of content? To fill out your contact form? Or to opt into your email list?

Whichever CTA you want them to take, make sure it’s aligned with what you want for your business.

For example, if you’re in the midst of building an online course, it would make more sense for you to focus your efforts on building a highly targeted email list with a strategic lead magnet – instead of filling up your calendar with more client work, right?

Always start with the end in mind and work backwards, friend.

Take the time to think about which business model you would like to operate from:

  • Are you running your business solo and would like to have a full roster of 1-1 clients?
  • Are you running an agency so you can take on multiple projects at a time?
  • Are you building an online course you would eventually like to run on evergreen?


Whichever type you are, be sure to work backward from your goal and see if there are any misalignments with how you’re handling your website traffic.

Once you’ve figured out the exact journey you want to take your website visitors through, and you’ve set up all the steps to streamline the process – then it’s time to focus on sending more traffic to your site.


Aaaaaaaaand there we have it!

I hope this post was the beginning catalyst to help you refocus on your business goals. And, the starting steps to reverse engineer the process from your services, all the way to when someone consciously clicks onto your website.

I know this may be more theoretical that you’re probably used to (I mean c’mon, when I read Gigi’s blogs – they’re SO actionable!).

Which is why I’m also sharing my FREE step by step guide on how to write your own website copy for your Homepage, About Page, and your Services Page.

This is my “Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Own Website Copy”

If you’re game and you’re ready to put into practice the things you’ve learned today, click on the button below to get instant access:


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I would loveeee to connect with you over there 🙂


All the loving best,

Mai-kee x



Mai-kee Tsang is a Launch Strategist + Conversion Copywriter, helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs launch their services, online courses + live group programs to make a positive impact in the world.











How to Convert Your Website Browsers into Buyers

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